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  1. Create account for the individual who needs support
  2. Add monitoring devices
  3. Provide payment details
  4. Download the Caring Cloud App
  5. Connect smartphone/tablet to the account of the individual who needs support

If the individual who requires support does not have a Caring Cloud account:

If you are the individual that requires support, or are responsible for a loved one’s well-being, then please contact us via phone 02920 647 572 or email us at info@caringcloud.org.uk to create an account.


We will ask what devices, if any are required, and take the payment instructions for the monthly subscription of £4.99.

If the individual already has a Caring Cloud account:

Once the account is activated, caregivers can freely download and install the Caring Cloud App onto their smartphone from the App Store or Play Store (Windows coming soon), create and associate their profile to the user requiring care.

Once successfully downloaded, you will be asked to allow for “push notifications” by your phone’s settings , please allow.

To create a carers account, open the App and press Register / Sign me up.

Enter your Name, your Email Address and a password of your choice, which must contain One Capital Letter, One Number and at least eight characters.

 How to become a carer on the Caring Cloud:

To associate a carers profile with the individual’s account, carers must seek permission by the service user themselves, or whoever is responsible for their care.

Once permission has been granted by, create an association with the user by pressing  add_user located at the top right  of the screen and provide the requested information which includes the unique Caring Cloud Identification Number that was sent to registered account holder.

Please ensure all details are correct.