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Corporate Social Responsibility Statement

At Caring Cloud we are committed to being a responsible business to our staff, clients and the community. Our products encourage social responsibility so it’s important to us that the company and our staff have the same ethos.

We also recognise that businesses can have an impact on communities; therefore we are committed not only in managing the impact of our business to the community but also to the environment.

Our products: We ensure we buy and sell ethically, and are committed to honesty and transparency in our communications with customers either directly or through advertising and other marketing activity.

Our Staff: We provide the tools and resources to enable continued learning and development opportunities for our staff to fulfil their potential.

The Community: We encourage and are actively involved in supporting local community incentives to make a lasting and positive impact to the society in which we operate. Our corporate charity support is managed by Advant-age.  

The Environment: We recognise the importance of good environmental practice and the impact our operations may have on the environment. We strive to minimise the impact of our business on the environment by using Public Transport whenever possible, encourage car sharing where practical, reducing waste and energy consumption and having a recycling programme.

Data Protection: We at the Caring Cloud fully comply with all laws governing data protection in each country of operation.

Compliance with the Law: All staff and shareholders at the Caring Cloud will comply with the laws and regulations wherever they do business.

Equal opportunities and diversity policy: All staff and shareholders are fully committed to equal opportunities both in provision of services to the public and as an employer. All staff are committed to continuous improvement, progression and compliance of legislation.

Human Rights: Caring Cloud supports the principles contained in the European Convention on Human Rights.