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The Caring Cloud App is a fantastic service that gives relatives and carers peace of mind when looking after their loved ones.

The service works by linking all of the healthcare devices that your loved one has together in one App.

In the event of an emergency, all authorised caregivers will receive a notification on their smartphone/tablet providing details of the incident i.e. time, place, device that was triggered, GPS location and the ability to call the healthcare device directly.

All the caregivers have access to the private chat function, which should be used to coordinate a response to an incident.

The Caring Cloud App gives you an instant, in the moment, overview of the safety of your loved one.

The Caring Cloud App can be accessed by as many relatives or carers as you would like, with permission of your loved one of course!

This then ensures your family or Caring Cloud Community, are all kept fully informed and all benefit from the peace of mind that Caring Cloud gives.

How to Use the App

From the Home Page you can access the profiles of the individuals that your caring for by simply selecting their name.

The profile gives you access to a range of services associated to the user. You can view contact information, current location, connected devices and a log of triggered alerts associated to each individual device.

Also on the profile page is the chat function. The chat function allows you to communicate with other caregivers, whether it is used to organise a response regarding an incident or just enabling you to update others on the well-being of the service user.

If a connected healthcare device is triggered, all caregivers will receive an alert from the App. All emergency notifications are stored in the App, so that you can monitor the incidents over a period of time and decide the next course of action.

Each notification will offer App users the ability to call the healthcare device that was triggered, so that they can directly contact the end user to ensure that they’re OK.

The App has been designed to enable emergency calls and notifications to be sent to a monitoring call centre, if that is what the service user requires.

The monitoring station will then attempt to contact the user and if necessary contact the emergency services.

Interactive Demo of the Caring Cloud App.